What should I do if my Florida homeowners insurance company drops me?

According to the US Census Bureau, just over 63% of Americans own homes in this country. In addition, a lot of these homeowners find tracking down and getting quality homeowners insurance anything but simple or straightforward. Let’s discuss what you should if your Florida homeowners insurance company drops you.

Even here in Florida, finding the right Florida homeowners insurance company can be a real uphill battle according to
https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/ . This is not necessarily because there are so few great options to take advantage of but because there are so many. Combine that with all of the crazy storms and conditions that make Florida homeowners insurance unique compared to the rest of the country. You will then realize why it’s such a challenge.

This is what makes getting dropped from a homeowners insurance company such a jarring experience. If you find yourself in this situation you need to get new homeowners insurance ASAP. That’s what this quick guide is designed to help you with.

Find out why you were dropped in the first place

There can be any different number of reasons you find yourself dropped from your Florida homeowners insurance policy. Many of them have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with missing payments or being late with payments. In fact, hundreds of thousands of Florida homeowners will find themselves dropped from their insurance after NEVER missing a payment or even being late.

You can be dropped for:

•           Roof damage/Old roof construction

•           Multiple claims filed in a short amount of time

•           Living in a high risk area

•           Having bad credit history

Unfortunately, https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/ says, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to being dropped. The important thing is to figure out exactly why have been dropped from your homeowners insurance so that you know what needs to be remedied before you go on the hunt for a new Florida homeowners insurance company to do business with.

Finding a new company to work with

By law, a Florida homeowners insurance company is required to notify homeowners in advance if they plan to drop them from their policy. This window is going to give you at least a little bit of time to search for a new company. That way you can take the necessary corrective actions so that you don’t have to worry about your new insurance company kicking you off of their policy later down the line.

After identifying the factor it’s important to start searching for companies that either aren’t going to consider these issues or are willing to look past the situation. In order to bring you on board as a customer. Insurance is a super competitive industry so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone more than willing to take you on as a customer. No matter why you were dropped in the past as long as the issue has now been rectified.